Granite House is the vision of three people desiring to fill an unmet need for minimally conscious adults. Tom and Carol Insley are parents of an adult son, Aaron, with a severe brain injury, and Anna Bohnen is a registered nurse (RN). Anna provided home care for Aaron after his automobile accident in 2007.

Aaron began to be cared for at home in 2008, a year after his injury. He spent one summer in long-term care, during which time Tom and Carol saw other young people like Aaron. Talking with these families, they understood that there were many obstacles to bringing someone home with a severe brain injury, such as providing hands-on 24-hour care, making modifications to the home, and the stress placed on other family members.

The Insleys were fortunate that they were able to bring Aaron home to give him more individualized care in a more natural setting and provide stimulation through home care therapies. Not all families are able to do this, and the housing options for long-term care for these young adults are scarce and largely in inappropriate settings.

Granite House is the realization of the dream of Tom, Carol and Anna, who with friends and supporters have worked to create a home where young adults like Aaron can live in a family style setting built to support their specific diagnosis. Their vision includes providing education, resources and supports to families, caregivers and the community.

Pictured: from left: Anna, Carol, Tom. Seated, Aaron